Scrapers and Blades

E-61205 - Safety Scraper

All-purpose utility tool with retractable 1-1/2" blade

Sales price: $3.80

E-44232 Unger Trim Scraper

Ideal for cleaning paint from windows
4" wide razor edge

Sales price: $8.00

E-44231 Pro Handle for Unger Trim Scraper

Allows the Unger Trim Scraper to be attached to a ...

Sales price: $11.40

E-44233 Pack of 25 Replacement Blades for Unger Trim Scraper

Replacement blades for Unger Trim Scraper E-44232

Sales price: $13.00

E-44276 Unger Short Handle Utility Scraper

Handle is 7-1/2" long
Reversible blades allow choice of ...

Sales price: $17.20

E-44277 Unger Long Handle Utility Scraper

Handle is 48" long with 4" blade.
Ideal for slicing ...

Sales price: $23.20

E-44389 Unger 12'' Brute Scraper with 4'' Blade

For tough scraping jobs, sturdy 12" handle, reversible blade

Sales price: $22.00

E-44278 Pack of 10 Replacement Blades for Unger Utility Scraper and

Replacement blades for Unger scrapers E-44276 and E-44277

Sales price: $9.20