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Republic Locker Parts

E-41150 REPUBLIC No. 12 Locker Handle - RH

Republic Locker Handle.
RH-Right Hand.

Sales price: $9.80

E-41151 REPUBLIC No. 12 Locker Handle - LH

Republic Locker Handle.
LH-left hand.

Sales price: $15.20

E-41152 REPUBLIC Hex Washer Head Thread RollingScrews

For Attaching,E-41150 and E-41151
No. 12 Locker ...

Sales price: $16.90
Sales price: $13.50

E-41154 REPUBLIC Black Plastic Handle with Attaching Rivet

For Use with E-41153 Recessed Handle Case.
Sold in ...

Sales price: $18.40

E-41155 - REPUBLIC Standard Slide Plate

For use with E-41153 Recessed Handle Case.

Sales price: $7.90

E-41156 REPUBLIC No. 8 Locker Handle

For Lockers Furnished from December 1936 to March 27, 1959.

Sales price: $18.60

E-41157 REPUBLIC No. 10 Locker Handle

Handle Furnished from February 15, 1960 to July 15, 1962.

Sales price: $5.40

E-41158 REPUBLIC Phillips Head Screws w/ Sems

For attaching E-41156 Locker Handle No. 8 and
E-41157 ...

Sales price: $18.60

E-41159 REPUBLIC Escutcheon Plate for all Tiered Lockers, HDV and AWV Box Lockers

Bolt Holes: 2-3/16'' Center to Center.
For All Tiered ...

Sales price: $1.40

E-41163 - REPUBLIC Spring Latch for B-7 Latching

Phosphate-treated and Oiled Plus Non-Staining Solidified ...

Sales price: $40.00

E-41164 - REPUBLIC Lock Bar Guide

For Recessed Handle Lockers.

Sales price: $13.20

E-41166 - REPUBLIC Single Prong Hook - Right Hand

For Secure Storage of Coats and Hats.

Sales price: $1.20

E-41167 REPUBLIC Double Prong Hook

Holds Coats and Hats Securely.

Sales price: $3.80

E-41168 REPUBLIC Double Prong Ceiling Hook 

Holds Coats and Hats Securely.

Sales price: $3.00

E-41169- REPUBLIC Wall Hook and Rod Bracket

Holds Coats and Hats Securely.

Sales price: $2.60

E-41170 REPUBLIC Locker Number Plates

Bolt Holes are 1-7/8'' Center to Center.
Order Blank ...

Sales price: $1.30

E-41171 REPUBLIC Blind Rivets

For Attaching Number Plates.
1 Pkg. Contains 100 ...

Sales price: $7.80
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