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Plumbing Equipment and Parts

E-632-59787 Ridgid Closet Auger

- Easily follows drains with sharp bends to remove ...

Sales price: $40.13

E-69550 Basin Wrench

Steel construction. Handle adjusts 10 in. to 17 in.

Sales price: $26.50

E-69523 Bibb Washer Kit

Kit for flat and beveled washers.
Includes 12 ...

Sales price: $113.30

E-69500 "Black Jack" FLAPPER

Eliminates guide arms and upper and lower wires.

Sales price: $6.70

E-69521 Closet Spud Gasket

Fits American Standard Cadet and Plebe models and most ...

Sales price: $3.70

E-69522 Lavatory Drain

Fits most lavatory sinks. 17 gauge 1-1/4" x 6" tailpiece.

Sales price: $34.20

E-69608 Pipe Safety Insulation Cover

Protects against injury from hot pipes. Kit covers P-trap ...

Sales price: $73.90

E-69514 Closet Water Connector 12 inch

Length: 12" Braided reinforced vinyl construction. For hot ...

Sales price: $5.30

E-69517 Closet Bowl Wax Ring

Fits 3" and 4" openngs.

Sales price: $3.40

E-61249 Blaster Toilet Bowl Plunger

- Provides increased power for more stubborn clogs

Sales price: $20.00

E-69586 - Shower Drain Strainer

For 3" pipe. Stainless steel, snap in style. Diameter 4-1/4"

Sales price: $15.40

E-69520 Wall Hung Fixture Gasket - Closet

For closets, 5-1/4" x 3-11/16" x 1/2"

Sales price: $28.60

E-69552 - Sloan Super Wrench

Fits all critical connections. Couplings and Sloan flush ...

Sales price: $81.50

E-69515 Closet Water Connector 20 inch

Length: 20" Braided reinforced vinyl construction. For hot ...

Sales price: $10.30

E-69518 Closet Bowl Wax Ring With Sleeve

Fits 3" and 4" openings.

Sales price: $3.50


White Plastic,For use on Low Boy style closets

Sales price: $11.00

E-37640 Power Drain Plunger

Sturdy rubber construction
26" H

Sales price: $19.80

E-69587 - Snap-In Drain Cover 3 inch

Fits 2" pipe. Stainless steel, overall diameter 3".

Sales price: $13.80

E-69519 Wall Hung Fixture Gasket - Urinal

For urinals, 4" x 3" x 9/16"

Sales price: $29.80

E-69551 Adjustable Spud Wrench

Use on coupling nuts, locknuts, slipjoint nuts, trap ...

Sales price: $15.00
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