There is a complete line of Maintenance Tools and Supplies in our catalog. If you don't see what you want below, try downloading a copy of our full General Catalog.

Maintenance Tools and Supplies

E-44299 - The Nifty Nabber 51" Reach Extension Tool

Effective for elevated or hard-to-reach areas

Sales price: $48.90

E-44231 Pro Handle for Unger Trim Scraper

Allows the Unger Trim Scraper to be attached to a ...

Sales price: $12.90

E-31376 24" Replacement Blade

Neoprene rubber, fits squeegees E-31371 (straight) and ...

Sales price: $5.20

E-80916 - Rubbermaid Double Bucket - 19 qt.

Double buckets allow cleaning solution and
rinse ...

Sales price: $40.60

E-38410 Minuteman Wet Floor/Carpet Blower

Ideal for Drying:
- Carpets
- Hard Floors

Sales price: $389.20

E-61248 Industrial Toilet Bowl Plunger

- Can be used at an angle to remove stubborn clogs

Sales price: $10.00


Our Most Popular Spreader For Fertilizer, Seed and Ice Melt ...

Sales price: $155.30

E-76015 - KRYLON LINE-UP® Pavement Striping Machine

Increases Traffic Safety. Use on Asphalt, Concrete, Brick ...

Sales price: $136.40

E-9981 U - V Tool

Install Or Remove Glides On Metal Furniture Easily

Sales price: $54.95

E-83691 Gripit Tool Holder by Geerpres-Expando Model

Convenient Wall Storage for Tools Up To 2" In Diameter. ...

Sales price: $32.60

E-44233 Pack of 25 Replacement Blades for Unger Trim Scraper

Replacement blades for Unger Trim Scraper E-44232

Sales price: $13.90

E-44284 Unger 18" Standard Duty Floor Squeegee

Soft double moss black rubber squeegees dig deep into tile ...

Sales price: $10.50

E-804-44020 60" Long Wooden Handle with a Tapered End

For use with bus and wash brushes, street brooms
and ...

Sales price: $6.76

E-80912 - Rubbermaid Double Bucket - 17 qt.

Double buckets allow cleaning solution and
rinse ...

Sales price: $38.60

E-44345 Unger Sootmaster Sponge

Chemically treated sponge scoops up soot and dirt into its ...

Sales price: $9.80

E-JK-08905 One Way Screw Remover Set

For screw size 6 - 14 (set of 3 screw removers)

Sales price: $31.50

E-37640 Power Drain Plunger

Sturdy rubber construction
26" H

Sales price: $19.80

E-39019 - EarthWay® SALT DEFLECTOR KIT FOR E-39018

Salt Deflector Kit for our E-39018 Estate Spreader Above.

Sales price: $85.00

E-76016 - KRYLON Highway Pavement Solvent Based Striping Paint - Choice of Colors

Quick Drying Solvent Spray Paint Provides Bold, Bright ...

Sales price: $83.80

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