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There is a complete line of Maintenance Tools and Supplies in our catalog. If you don't see what you want below, try downloading a copy of our full General Catalog.

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Maintenance Tools and Supplies

E-81052 - Rubbermaid Step Stool With Casters

Three retractable casters for safe, easy movement. 16" ...

Sales price: $108.00

E-69305 - Seymour Graffiti Remover

Removes graffiti and ugly marks on most surfaces, sold per ...

Sales price: $98.40

E-CCS-SIFT Ash Urn Sand Sifter

Stop hand picking cigarette butts from your ash urns.

Sales price: $33.60

E-81897 - Rubbermaid Carry Caddy

Large ...

Sales price: $23.70

E-824 Beckson Low Volume Plumbing Pump

For plumbing maintenance (water only)- drains traps, drain ...

Sales price: $23.50

E-9980 - Glide Extractor

Pry out worn glides easily with this tool.

Sales price: $28.95

E-69300 - Seymour "New White" Ceiling Tile Paint

- Water Stains
- Smoke Stains

Sales price: $10.60

E-44251 13' Telescopic Unger Pole 

Just Decide The Job You Want Done And Snap On The Proper ...

Sales price: $57.20

E-61230 5 Gallon Pail Lock Lid

Allows re-use of 5 gallon pails,
gasketed outer ring ...

Sales price: $19.30

E-44315 Broken Bulb Extractor

Easy removal of broken bases of light bulbs and flood ...

Sales price: $19.20

E-44281 18'' Slotted Broom and Tool Holder

Hang anything from pencils to shovels!
Rubber fingers ...

Sales price: $40.70

E-44306 Paper Picker Pin

Ideal for picking up paper, trash and aluminum cans.

Sales price: $17.80

E-44297 - The Nifty Nabber 18''

Designed to handle harmful materials.
Ideal for ...

Sales price: $34.90

E-61207 3" Putty Knife

- High carbon steel blades tempered for flexibility and ...

Sales price: $3.90

E-61205 - Safety Scraper

All-purpose utility tool with retractable 1-1/2" blade

Sales price: $3.80

E-31384 48" Long Wooden Handle with a Tapered End

For use with bus and wash brushes, street brooms
and ...

Sales price: $2.20

E-57426 Air King High Performance Pivoting Blower - High Velocity Model

High Velocity Model, Multi-Position Blower.
Provides ...

Sales price: $149.40


For Fertilizer, Seed and Ice Melt Applications.

Sales price: $100.50

E-76010 - KRYLON LINE-UP® Athletic Field Striping Machine

Stripe Any Field in Minutes! Use on Grass, Dirt, Gravel, ...

Sales price: $139.00

E-9990 Handy Glide Kit

Kit contains 71 popular glides for school and institutional ...

Sales price: $12.95
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