E-49340 WearWell Mud Chucker Mat #229

Recessed Step-in Area With Pliable Rubber Fingers ScrapeS Sides and Bottoms of Boots or Shoes
Removes Dirt, Grass Clippings, Salt, Snow or Mud.
E-49340  WearWell Mud Chucker  Mat #229
Sales price $49.30

- Pliable rubber fingers scrape sides and bottoms of boots or shoes
- Easily removes dirt, grass clippings, salt, snow or mud
- Just shake to remove debris. Ice and snow melt drain away through provided openings
- Can be bolted or staked down, or used as a mobile entrance or scraper mat
- Heavy duty black rubber construction
- Thickness: 1" at front ledge, 2-3/8" on sides
- Approx.overall dimensions 15-1/4"x 12-1/2"

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