E-36806 - SLOAN Royal Urinal Flush Valve 1.5 Gallon

Best quality for long service life.
1.5 gallons per flush.
3/4'' inlet stop.
3/4'' spud connection.
ADA Compliant.
E-36806 - SLOAN Royal Urinal Flush Valve 1.5 Gallon
Sales price $186.20

• ADA compliant metal oscillating non-hold open handle with triple seal handle packing
• 3/4'' IPS screwdriver Bak-Chek® angle stop w/free spinning vandal resistant stop cap
• Control stop plug
• Sweat solder adapter with cover tube
• Adjustable tailpiece
• Sweat solder adapter w/cover tube & cast wall flange with set screw
• High back pressure vacuum breaker flush connection w/one-piece bottom hex coupling nut
• Spud coupling flange for 3/4'' top spud
• High copper, low zinc brass castings for dezincification resistance
• Non-hold-open handle, fixed metering bypass and no external volume adjustment to ensure water conservation
• Flush accuracy controlled by CID technology
• Diaphragn, handle packing, stop seat and vacuum breaker molded from PERMEX rubber compound for chloramine resistance.
• 100% of the energy used in manufacturing is offset w/Renewable Energy Sources - Wind Energy
• Gallons per flush:1.5
• Inlet stop: 3/4''
• Spud connection: 3/4''
• Rough -in 11-1/2''
• Sloan model No 186
• 7 lbs - ship via UPS

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