E-36802 SLOAN Royal Toilet Flush Valve 1.6 Gallon

Best Quality for Long Service Life.
1.6 Gallons Per Flush.
1'' Inlet Stop.
1-1/2'' Spud Connection.
ADA Compliant.
E-36802 SLOAN Royal Toilet Flush Valve 1.6 Gallon
Sales price $179.00

• Chrome-plated, high copper, low zinc castings.
• Quiet diaphragm type operation. • Permex synthetic rubber diaphragm.
• ADA compliant handle with triple seal packing Bak Chek control stop prevents false operation in low line water pressure situations.
• Non-hold open design with no external volume adjustment ensures water conservation.
• Delivers an accurate flush between 15-100 psi.
• Screwdriver adjustable control stop regulates rate of water flow or serves as shutoff during repairs.
• High back pressure vacuum breaker with one piece bottom hex coupling prevents back siphoning.
• Freespinning vandal resistant cap.
• Adjustable tailpiece compensates for off-center installations.
• Limited 3 year warranty
• Sloan Model number 111

NOTE: Can be used in hydraulic and Optima sensor operated models. Gallons Per Flush: 1.6, Inlet Stop: 1", Spud Connection: 1-1/2", Rough-In: 11-1/2".
Slaon model 111.

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